Experience Matters

Complete Industry Coverage

Operating in highly-regulated environments requires business acumen and marketing savvy that goes above & beyond traditional markets. Capital investments in product, equipment, packaging, and retail location is only the beginning of the journey; however, to truly capture share in the marijuana market, you must build a consistent brand experience for consumers.

Whether you are a grower interested in marketing your product to dispensaries, a retail operator establishing locations, or a testing facility bringing state-of-the-art equipment online, The Armanno Agency covers the entire marijuana industry.

Together, we grow your business.

Consumer Goods Marketing

Almost all items purchased in retail stores generally fall into the "consumer packaged goods" (a.k.a. CPG) category. The Armanno Agency employs decades of CPG marketing experience to craft unique solutions for your business needs.

Marijuana, cannabis, and CBD companies with retail locations require an integrated marketing plan focused on increasing revenue and market share.

Medical Marijuana Marketing

The majority of States allow for some level of access to medical marijuana use by patients, although the regulatory environment varies significantly. Furthermore, rules that govern marketing to healthcare professionals and patients can be extremely complex due to privacy laws. The Armanno Agency's experience in medical marketing is essential in assuring compliance with regulations while maintaining patient privacy.

Whether you want to speak to physicians or patients, we are your partner for success.

Highly-Regulated Markets

Marijuana, Cannabis, and CBD products are under increased regulatory scrutiny, as the patchwork of State laws governing the markets are put into place. The Armanno Agency's experience working with companies in highly-regulated markets such as; alcohol, tobacco, and medical is a fundamental requirement when designing marketing campaigns.

We understand the nuances required to operate in regulatory environments, and we will apply that expertise to your campaigns.