Advertising & Activation

Advertising in the marijuana, cannabis, and CBD market is a complex undertaking due to various State regulations. While some overlap exists with States, there is more divergence; therefore requiring strategic deployment of collateral. In some States, regulations require that advertisements are activated in a manner that reasonably assures the majority of the exposed audience is 21+ years old. In at least one State, the "majority" number is 85% or higher, which also requires a delivery audit methodology.

Advertising Campaigns

Often people confuse Advertising with Marketing and although they can be closely related, Advertising is the action of bringing your message to the target audience. This is where branding, creative, messaging, and tone all combine to form your end-to-end campaign. Advertising campaigns can take many forms, from simple brand awareness to competitive conquesting.

Activating the Audience

After we create your Advertising campaign, it's time to Activate the campaign with your audience. Activation happens in multiple "channels" which are determined by the likelihood of your target audience engaging with a given channel. A simple example helps; We've determined that your target audience is Millennials (23 - 38) who are digital natives. To reach this audience, it's possible that the best "channels" for communication are also digital (i.e. social media, search, etc.).