Branding & Creative

Branding and Creative services are critical elements for marijuana, cannabis, and CBD companies in the emerging market. Your brand is your public image, reputation, and overall identity that is woven into every Creative component. Branding always connects to the Marketing & Strategy areas of your business plan, and helps differentiate you from the  competition. Creative is the manifestation of Branding, achieved through the consistent application of the brand message across all mediums. Think about your favorite restaurant and consider that the emotional affinity you feel is the Branding, while the logo, menu, and color schemes are Creative representations of the brand.

Build Your Brand

Whether you need to build your brand from the ground up or adapt your current brand, ensuring that your Branding makes an indelible impression on your audience builds long-term value for your business. Branding highlights the distinctive characteristics of your business, and provides a mental short-cut for customers to easily identify products and services unique to your company. Branding must be consistent, easily recognizable, and enduring across all facets of your business.

Creative Services

Creative is the outward expression of Branding, and is fundamental to making a positive and lasting impression on your audience. To achieve this goal, Creative must connect with the target audience, deliver a clear message to the audience, and grab the attention of the audience. Creative services combine visual elements, color pallets, messaging, call-to-action, and variety of other ingredients to produce the collateral required to reach your audience.